Yay! It's Peter Rabbit Day!!

Peter Rabbit? Really, google? Sometimes when Google does this kind of shit, I feel like they are someone who gained twenty pounds,  and EVERYONE notices...but no one wants to say anything. Basically, because they were so effing hot before, no one wants to tell the hot chick she should probably lose a few pounds, and maybe just slow down a bit before she gets hammered and says things without any real filter. Because now she can't really get away with crap like this. Cmon google...seriously, you aren't even trying. I know I know...i'm an asshole because it's Beatrix Potter's birthday, and we should all celebrate because she was a great woman in literary history. Oh, what's that? You had no clue it was Beatrix Potter's birthday? Oh that's right, BECAUSE NO ONE DID. Stop acting like lycos or askjeeves.com, google...you are better than that.

(and yes, this was really the google home page today)

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.