The Bachelor, Reviewed by a Guy. Sorta. (Episode 3)

Episode 3: Let's set a world record for the most boring shit that's ever happened on television, ever. Screen-Shot-2013-01-22-at-11.36.08-PM

Where We Left Off

Last week, Sean continued to lower the self-esteem of 3 women who probably already had some self-esteem issues by eliminating them from the "try out to get married on television and hopefully don't publicly humiliate yourself" show, bringing the women-he-could-marry-on-TV total down to 16.

The girls who were declared "not the prettiest princess" were:

Katie, the yoga instructor who looked like the main character from the animated film Brave.

Diane, the single mom who stared at streams.

and one of the black girls, because you can't have more than three black girls on this show at once.

Sean had one-on-one dates with Sarah, the girl who has one arm (but we're not supposed to talk about it) and really hammered home the fact that he was totally cool with her only having one arm (NO SERIOUSLY, HE'S TOTALLY OKAY WITH IT), and Dez, the bridal stylist who has never been bridal'd who's probably going to win. For most of the rest of the episode, Sean either blasted his pecs or played dress up with the girls. The in-house crazies are officially Tierra, the girl with a messed up forehead who isn't here to make friends and Amanda, the girl who looks angry in front of fireplaces.

This week, we've been promised that Tierra is going to fall down the stairs, people aren't going to have any idea what to do with their champagne glasses when they're kissing and that the girl with one arm is probably still only going to have one arm.

It's not mean if it's true.


General Recap

The episode opened with a shot of Sean blasting his pecs and staring off longingly into the distance, and I'm pretty sure this is the exact same shot from episode 2 and they're not even trying.


The girls find out Leslie M., the girl who Sean sits in dark rooms with, is getting the first one-on-one date with Sean. Robyn, the black girl who's pretty much a white girl, tries to sound gangster and says that she wishes she had gotten the date card and that it had said, "let's ditch these bitches and go fall in love for real," which is about as believable as me walking into a room full of black dudes yelling, "SUP MOTHAFUCKAS."



Let's set a world record at boring the shit out of people.

Sean says he has something really special planned for Leslie M. today on their one-on-one date, and by special he means "a date your girlfriend would dump you for in real life." They're off to The Guiness Book of World Records Museum.


Leslie M. says that, "this date was soooo different than I expected!" Which is a girls way of saying "you've got to be fucking kidding me."

Sean takes a silly picture, because he's just a jokester, jokin' around.


But whoOoOAhhH Sean reveals that his Dad set a world record for driving across the country the fastest/pretty much the most worthless achievement, ever, and that he was hoping that they could set a record of their own.

Sean then says, "I think it's safe to say that this date could go down in the record books," and oh I see what he did there.

It turns out that Sean and Leslie M. are here to set the record for the longest on-screen kiss ever, which is currently 3:16 seconds. I realize they are going to televise 3:16 of them kissing and commentating on this straight, and wonder if Sean knows enough words to talk about 3:16 of anything.


In what seems to go on forever, they kiss for over 3:16.


I wonder if at any time Sean was worried about getting a boner on national television, but then realize that he's not blasting his pecs so he's probably safe.

He says that the event is just about the two of them sharing a romantic moment, which is immediately followed by a shot of him grabbing her ass, romantically.


They finish the kiss, and Leslie M. says that today is the best day of her life. To be clear: the best day of her life is breaking a Guinness World Record for the longest on screen kiss on a televised round robin marriage tournament with a guy who has previously lost one televised round robin marriage tournament before. I worry that the people on this show have really low standards, and then I realize I'm watching The Bachelor, Season 17.

They head to a hotel rooftop and talk about things that they have in common, like taking AP classes in high school which is usually the first question I ask on a date when I'm around the age of 30. Sean tells her that she's the only girl that he wants to set records with and she is excited and amazed that she is the only one. I'm not sure anyone has told Leslie M. that she lives with 16 other girls that Sean is interested in sleeping with yet.

Sean tries to eat her face, and both of them have no idea what to do with their champagne glasses while he does.



He gives her the rose and tells her it's pretty rare to connect with someone this quickly. You know, because the last time he connected with someone that quickly was on a television show about 3 months ago.

Leslie M. says that the evening has been very magical in a good way, because apparently she's been on tons of dates that were magical in a bad way because she dates wizards with a dark past.


There's no crying in all-girls beach volleyball. Just kidding, that's all there is.

For the group date, Sean is going to take most of the girls out to the beach to play competitive beach volleyball against each other. The losing team will get kicked off the date, so we're pretty much guaranteed a lot of emotional instability.

AshLee, the girl who was adopted (and we are supposed to talk about it), talks back at home about how glad she was that she didn't have to go on the group date because it looked like there was probably "activity" and considering she also does "having O.C.D." for a living, I begin to realize that AshLee and I have a lot in common (besides having stripper names and being adopted).

Before volleyball starts, Sean and the girls candidly run into the water giggling and holding hands and he does pushups while they sit on his back, because when you're a bro at the beach, you have gotta throw down some pushups for the babes.



Kristy, the model who isn't attractive, looks like a girl that you'd see at Coachella that you'd have a strong dislike for.


And Daniella checks out her boobs.


Once the game begins, it becomes rather clear that the boob staring was foreshadowing, because she is not good at sports.


To be fair, Dez tries to kick the ball, which is, in fact, not how you play volleyball.


After the game, Kristy begins to cry because she can't believe how hard it is to lose beach volleyball when you're a model and it's no fair she's the pretty princess and gets whatever she wants.


Not to be outdone on national TV, Leslie H. (the girl who is, in fact, not here for Sean) cries too. She feels like she's found all of the qualities of a husband on this show, like, "someone who is on TV."


Sean sits down with Lindsay, the girl who wore a wedding dress on the first date, in the dark and says that she keeps surprising him because he didn't know she had this side, even though it's entirely unclear what side he's referring to, as she hasn't said or done anything.


In the last episode, he didn't know she had a different side, so that's a total of two sides he didn't know she had now. I begin to imagine Sean looking at a pair of dice at a casino, mesmerized.

He then sits down with Dez and OH MY GOD SHE IS THE CUTEST. SHE IS THE CUTEST, GUYS.


I realize that she's heading into that territory where a girl is so adorable that other girls find it to be too adorable, and that every girl in America will begin to hate her by default, the same way they hate Kiera Knightley because she talkkkksh through her teeeeesh.

Amanda and Dez, almost on cue, begin to hate each other for this exact reason.

Kacie, the girl whose job is "Ben's Season", notices this and decides to pull Sean aside to tell him, "I don't want to start drama, but Dez and Amanda are fighting and I don't like it." So, to be clear: she starts drama.

Sean calls Kacie a crazy person, and she begins to cry and make an incredibly awkward face while doing so.


She says she's not supposed to cry this early, insinuating that she was pretty cool with doing so, just later.


Adopted adopted, adopted adopted adopted. Adopted. Adopted? Adopted.

AshLee, the girl who was adopted (and we are supposed to talk about it), is about to go on her one-on-one date with Sean, but then Tierra (the girl who's not here to make friends) falls down the stairs and goes boom.


Sean arrives and starts a sentence by saying, "as a guy who has had several concussions," and that answers a lot. Just in general.

As the paramedics rush in, all I can think of is how hilarious it would be if Sarah (the girl with one arm) ran around maniacally screaming, "AHHH MY ARM! MY ARM!"


I then, as usual, realize I'm the worst person in the world. To be fair, though, I realize it would be really funny, and I'm pretty sure that even Sarah would agree with that.

The paramedics try to put Tierra on a stretcher, but no one puts Tierra on the stretcher and she bitches them out until they let her go, mostly because she's a crazy bitch who was lying and is probably Glenn Close's niece.


She gets time with Sean before he leaves for his date, and every girl in the house officially wants Tierra to die in a fire.

AshLee and Sean head off for their one on one date in a Jeep with the top off, and I know she's furious that the wind is ruining her hair, because all girls are furious when the wind ruins their hair.


For their date, they are going to spend a day at Six Flags with the whole park to themselves, and Sean has invited two diseased children to spend it with them.

I won't say anything about this entire part of this episode, because I actually love that they did this and for a small moment believe that this show did a wonderful, genuine thing.

Thankfully, the date eventually turns back into just two grown-ups on a national televised date at a Six Flags, and I can be a terrible person once again.

They sit down to talk and AshLee begins to play the adopted card for about 1,378 minutes straight. While I get that (UGH, AGAIN) this is a wonderful story, I realize she's doing this entirely to put herself in "undumpable on television" holy ground and not for the right reasons (like Tierra would have had she been adopted).

Sean cries when she says "adopted" for the 2,408th time.


He gives her the rose and they talk about how they're falling in love at a Six Flags, like we all dream of doing one day.


I'm running out of minorities and handicapped people to eliminate, so it's safe to say this shit's about to get real.

Back at the house for the rose ceremony, Tierra says to Sean, "We'll have a lifetime together!" Sean responds, "you never know!" and if I were him, I'd start checking pots for boiling rabbits.

Immediately following, Sean gets taken away by Dez and Tierra exclaims that she's ready to punch walls, because she, "gets what she wants." She then makes about a billion terrifying faces, though oddly this vacant one terrifies me the most.


It really doesn't matter though, because no one is going to beat Amanda's resting bitch face. No one.


As the roses are handed out, Kristy makes a face that validates anything I've ever said about her.


And we realize that Amanda has no friends in the house, because someone would have tucked that tag in.



Kacie, the girl who hates drama who's dramatic whose job was "Ben's Season".

Kristy, the model who isn't attractive.

Taryn, because I thought she was like 48 (even though she turned out to be 30. Yikes.)


Jackie, because honestly does anyone care about this girl?

Daniella, because she seems the opposite of "not dumb"

Leslie H., because she is a poker dealer actress who isn't here for the right reasons.


Dez, because she is the best. THE BEST.

Selma, because she may or may not believe she's in a Disney film and Sean is about as interesting as Prince Eric.

AshLee, because adoption adoption adoption, adoption adoption. Adoption.


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