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Song Of The Day (In Slow Motion)

I feel like living in San Francisco has thrown off any idea of a "season" that I ever may have had. Honestly, the weather patterns here are confusing as shit, and in some ways I feel like God just experiments with us to see what he's gonna do elsewhere. God: "What is it, a Monday? September, eh? (leans over to yell out of his office) Karen, what did we do with the weather there this weekend? Warm? No shit...well, give 'em 56 degrees today. Keep them on their toes. Yeah. Thanks...Oh and can you get some more Its-its if you are going to the store?"

Yes, I believe God would eat Its-its. They are the most delicious treat in all of the delicious treat land. Anyways. But here's my point: I've got this weird thing with music where I often almost entirely associate it with seasons. I mean, rap? That is summer music. It doesn't make sense to me in the winter or even spring; it's as though i'm too much of a cliche "white guy" during those seasons or something. I don't even know what that means, but I understand what i'm saying and that's clearly all that matters. So living in San Francisco these past years? It's totally thrown my shit off. I feel like I have no idea what to listen to and when. Oh, what is a pretentious white guy music nerd to DO!! I might panic and listen to 50 Cent, and that could throw my whole world off. I will hide it from myself and listen to Enya to throw everything off.

So this song is kind of what bummed me out, because for some reason it's the epitome of the "fall" song, or the "walking to class on a nice campus in a traditional film about college with the leaves changing color and falling" song. And it just breaks my heart that I wake up here and there is probably going to be no true feeling of fall here. In California, there are four seasons: California, California, Rain kinda, and California. So I will listen to this song, and pray and hope that there is that cold morning where this song fits. And for some reason, when I hear this song, I feel like it would only really work if everything was in slow motion. Honestly, listen to it and try not to imagine walking through a college campus in slow motion. Because that's the only way it can be listened to. And if you argue that, you are stupid. Maybe I need to move somewhere with seasons again. If not, I guess my music collection will be stuck in "Kinda Rain" purgatory. Which would be a bummer. Until then, I will keep searching for a "slow motion" device. That and a teleporter. There is no other point in life but to find these two things. Toodles.


I Can't Formulate A Singular Thought

So for starters, I'd like to address something I have a problem with. Why do people in movies (I assume in real life as well, since everything in the movies is real) who carry guns put the gun away in the front or back of their pants with the barrel facing towards their private parts? Or their foot? This seems like a HORRIBLE and terrifying idea. Everytime I see someone do this in a movie, I feel like an insane old lady screaming at the screen. NO WILL! YOU ARE GOING TO BLOW YOUR BITS AND PIECES OFF! But honestly, get a holster. It's just not safe. And it seems like a large price to pay so you can just have a hand free. I digress. So here's something I've realized since I've begun writing this cute little pile of rocket shoes: it's hard to keep up. I mean, don't get me wrong... I'm the funniest person I know and everything I think up is pure genius gold. However, I guess I just never gave all the people who do this so mercilessly as a job enough credit. I love to write. I love to say all the random crap that comes into my head. But sometimes? Thoughts just don't equal big old diatribes or essays. You can force it, sure. But then it sounds dumb and it's, interesting. As i'm sure this post isn't for the most part. But that's the fun of a blog! It's fulfilling for ME all the time and for you only some of the time! I WIN!

I'd love to write about how much I hate the fact that "Disaster Movie" came out, or that anything with the name "movie" in it comes out at all (excluding "not another teen movie", which I hate to admit was funny). I'd love to write about the downfall of Dane Cook and how he became the bag of douche he so loathed. I'd love to even discuss my man crush for Ryan Reynolds and how I wonder if he's overtaking my man crush on John Mayer (yeah, I just admitted it, on both accounts). Point being...I guess you just gotta wait until you have something to say. Which I have zero idea how to do. Whoops. So um, scratch all that up there and prepare for every one of those posts I just mentioned. Or something about how Sarah Palin may very well be a robot. But like a terminator robot, not a fun robot. The kind that has laser eyes and wants to kill people with arms that turn into evil guns. That or she's just a bad person.

Bottom line is that Rocket Shoes is a work in progress. It's kind of like a new girlfriend to me that I just REALLY want to impress, so I try way too hard. I don't understand that hey, it likes me, it's gonna hang out as long as I'm a good guy. So hey, if you people are around to catch my ramblings? I'll be a happy little guy.

Song of the day is short and sweet. Mobius Band is way too good for no one to have heard of them. What is that all about? They blend the electronic disco dancing beats with the melancholy emo-guy sad sap it's strange, but a lot of his sadness just ends up sounding really happy. To sum it up: I listened to these guys a lot when I was a gold miner. Yes. Seriously. More on that later. Enjoy the indie-tasticness.


Best of Craigslist = I'm Like, Totally Laughing. No, Like Totally.

So my brother sent me this email years ago...but honestly, this is by far in the top five of the best craigslist posts/rants of all time. I want to meet this person, hug them, and tell them that throughout many shitty moments in my life, they have made me laugh enough to almost pee my pants. Which, yes, would be awkward. But wouldn't it be great if something ACTUALLY made you pee your pants? I mean, wouldn't it have to be pretty funny? The saying had to come from somewhere, right? Well basically, I "did" things today, and I also felt zero creativity or "the funny". Thus being my weak sauce attempt at a post. I have plenty of silly ideas floating through my head...but basically, I start to write and then realize that would only be funny to me and no one else. Am I talking?

I'm gonna go ahead and throw in the song of the day as well though,  because Jason Harris reintroduced this into my life the other night. This, the same man who yelled out "Kate Hudson"! I kind of idolize him right now. In a combo kiss-ass-employee/I actually really like my boss kind of way. I just feel very fortunate for my life when my boss drops rock bombs on me like this.

Moving units will pretty much rock your entire life off. I could post most of their first album...but the second album I heard by them kind of sucked. And by kind of, I mean it sucked.

I'm gonna go ahead and throw in the towel on this post. If you could see me right now? I just threw a towel. And my co-workers said, "hey Drew, did you just..." and I said, "yeah...yeah I threw the towel. I threw it right in guys." And they were like, "no way!" and I was like, "totes," and they were like...

(and this is why the blog is called rocket shoes. because sometimes? I just don't know when to stop talking, like the time I told my friend Kevin how cool it would be if people had rocket shoes. I know. Wow.)



Song Of The Day...Again...Today

We're doubling up. Because pandora just shattered my mind with a beat so fresh, I would even consider dancing where people could see me while NOT inebriated. That takes a lot, and I'm not sure it's been done before. What is it with white guys and dancing? I'm not even that bad (shameless self plug) but the thought of people seeing me dance terrifies me sometimes. It doesn't even make sense, because then when I'm alone I'll dance up a storm and fake play instruments up the wazoo. I mean, to Bon Jovi songs even. I don't get it. I sincerely, TRULY love to dance...oh, fear of judgement, you ALWAYS get me! I should work on that. (Rocket Shoes...helping Drew self-heal, one day at a time...YES WE CAN!) Pandora is amazing. It's like a magical music fairy that lives in the woods that I would imagine eats elderberries and the magical colorful pies the lost boys eat in the movie Hook (I know, right? that scene changed my life too). And when I tell it I like a song, it's like, "no you like THIS song." And I DO, Pandora. So you just keep on keepin on. You whip up as many magical concoctions as you'd like for me, because I will keep picking up what you are putting down, and I will put it in my pocket so I can take it out later and agree with you again.

This is the song it fed me today...and the version of this that was on their album didn't do much for me. However, this version basically brings a fierce burst of fierce into my life and makes me want to move to France and live at the discotheque. I mean, what? LISTEN to this shit, it's downright alarming how awesome this beat is. And it makes me so happy that Daft Punk made people want to sound like them, because they sound good. So as if that wasn't enough, I then go and search the video and find out that it's pretty much the greatest thing on the planet since my little pony (too much? too much). As a kid who watched WAY too much TV growing up, this kind of made me miss watching movies on HBO and VHS...umm a lot. I loved all the ghetto old graphics like this, it was some sort of weird comfort when a movie was starting and these ghetto animations would pop and hiss. Justice, I want to marry you as a band in a life partner union. Please?

In other news, I just received an email from someone named "short unmalleableness" with the subject line "Feeling capable of seeixual performances stalk". I don't really have any comment on that, other than I found this to be funny.


Song Of The Day. And I Died Last Night. But Not Really.

So let's just start by saying that one of the guys I was drinking with asked the waitress at 8pm to bring a "steady flow of shots intermittently throughout the meal" and that it should come out to about 21 shots total with 7 people at the table. Sure, that's only 3 shots per person, but asking a waitress to bring 21 shots to the table is definitely an indicator of where you are going with the evening, and it's also probably pretty obnoxious. It should be noted that these shots were to be lemon i'm sure the waitress had a lot of questions to begin with, and surprisingly the first question wouldn't be "wait, do you really want 21 shots?" The funny part is when not 7, not 21, but ONE shot appears as the first round. As a cute little martini. Wow. We may as well have been having a sex and the city party ("no I get to be Carrie. no I GET to be Carrie!"). We then ask for her to not bring any more out because we wanted shots, not martini bombs. Within about 4 minutes, 7 more lemon drops show up. Any semblance of heterosexuality at the table is now officially gone. We asked again, "no seriously, no more. no more as in I don't want any more, not bring me 20 more. cool? cool." I can't tell if she was playing the "I don't speak english" card or if she just realized that we were douche bags who would give in and just drink them if they brought them...because as we all know, there is a reason women order these drinks: they taste like a delicious elixir of drunk. Oh, and they take you to pleasure town. Best part of the night? When toasting the lemon drops, my boss yells out "Kate Hudson!!" I have no idea why I found this so hilarious, but it was priceless.

After this, all I know is that I had a rum and coke while playing street fighter 2. I'm confused on how I didn't wake up in a dorm room today. I also feel like I'm dead. So that's cool.

Moving on.

I have loved this song since the minute I heard it. For a plethora of reasons, and the word plethora is just amazing and makes me feel like high fiving myself EVERYtime I use it. Really though, northwestern girls are pretty amazing, and from what I've seen are extremely attractive and nice. When I heard this song for the first time, it was like God knew what was going on in my head (which I guess he knows probably, because he's...God?) and made me a personal playlist. Which begs the question: what would God call his mixtapes for you? "Music You Will Like. No Seriously, You Will. I'm God, So I Know That." If I were God? That's what I'd name every mixtape. Either that or something with a lot of misdirection, like..."Songs for Car Crashes. Yeah, You're Worried You Are Gonna Get In A Car Crash Now Huh, Because I'm God And I Just Called Your Mixtape I Made For You Songs for Car Crashes."

It should also be noted that this band used to be called Say Hi To Your Mom and then they changed it to Say Hi. I don't think you are allowed to change your name, but I'm proud of these guys for trying it and pretending like their original bad band name never happened. Anyways, this song makes me like girls. But if you are a girl maybe it will make you like boys, and/or love in general. Because it's awesome. Like God's mixtapes.


Song Of The Day

I have no idea what to say about this band. I mean, it's been about eight years, and I still have no idea if I like them or if i'm scared not too. They speak a different language (and by speak I mean incoherently hiss weird noises), they sound kind of maybe they are hiding in your basement or attic creepily caressing wood boards while huffing paint. But at the same time...I don't even know how they make the noise they make. They aren't really a band so much as they are some odd scientific experiment of noises, hapiness and freaky. Either that or they are just a band from iceland and speak what they call their native "language". I don't know, I don't like to think outside of the English language. It's too complicated and requires me to think harder than I'd like to. I even believed a rumor for a long time that they weren't even speaking Icelandic and they were just making up a language. Oh, silly sheltered Americans and the not smart things we believe. Next I'll believe that slim jim's are made of a planted "beef" tree that creates magical fairy dust meats that don't harm animals. Really though? I always liked this band, I just kind of never got why I did. It's not like you get in the car and you are screaming, "MAN we NEED to get hit hard by the Sigur Rós rock truck right now!" They just kind of make noise and it's nice in the background...I guess that's how I've always felt. So I was kind of caught off guard when this song rocked my pants off. It's like if the song Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band was fun, and not just some depressing song about depressing shit that you don't realize until you actually listen to the lyrics (it's a sad realization with most Dave Matthews Band songs). And the best part? Because I'm sheltered and won't look into their culture any further (re: at all), I have NO idea what he's saying during this song. I only assume he's saying, "I'm happy! I'm from Iceland! Did you know Iceland is actually green and greenland is actually mostly ice? Isn't that ironic? I'm happy!" It's basically simple math that this is what he's saying throughout the song.

Added bonus? The song is called GOBBLEDIGOOK. Um, what? Hello, coolest song name ever times infinity locks. Okay i'm done. Enjoy, this song will make you happy. And it's got naked people on the cover (and I think ONE of them is a GIRL! yesssssssss).


Song Of The Day

So I'm not funny today. I was sitting with Richard in the kitchen discussing what it's like when you just don't have any "funny" in you, and it's like accidentally just becoming a one-upper because there is just statement after statement made with no punch line. So the part where you are supposed to say something ironic or humorous or self-depricating at the end of a statement to get a laugh? Doesn't happen. And in turn, everyone just sits there and stares at you like, "Wait That's it? You're just a dick today?" It's a bummer. I know what you are thinking. "Drew. You are the funniest person alive. I wake up every day only hoping I'll get to hear how funny you are. And we all have our off days. Take a breather. Sit this one out. Stare at things seriously. Make heavy breathing noises and just randomly exhale loud to hammer home that you feel a bit 'off' today. That's what people do to seek attention." Thanks guys! I'll give it a test drive today.

Luckily, Bloc Party brought out their new album today in a super-secret digital way, even though the physical disc doesn't drop until October. Crafty brits. The best part? Bloc Party is always WAY too serious and never even try to be funny. However, they are also delicious. And this song kind of doesn't sound like them at all from before, and I love when a band does that and actually pulls it off: you can tell they are earnestly trying. So i'm going to hang out with them today. It's just depressing relationship song after depressing relationship song. I don't even know where this guy finds time to break up with this many people. It's like he meets someone, hangs out for a day, and then just hates them so he can write another song. I mean, what's he going to do when he actually likes someone? Does the band just stop?

What's that? Stop talking, Drew? Okay. Sorry.


Song Of The Day (that is soul-shit-kickingly good)

TV On The Radio is very good at making music. They could wear a fucking table cloth and look cool. You hear their band's name, and they are already insta-awesome because they are clearly way more clever than you are or ever will be. Furthermore, they just never suck. I don't think I can find a way to jock them anymore than this at this point, as I have such a man crush on this band it's gross. Like, I could make puffy paint posters and go to their concerts. Every other music snob blog feels this same way, and uses way more important grammar in describing why you should listen to AND LIKE (or they will punch you in the babymaker) the band. So I don't feel original about this sentiment at all today. But seriously, go click on the album cover at the bottom of this post and listen to the new single they just posted from their new album that needs to come out yesterday.

It's like if gummy bears slept together and unicorns were dancing around the whole time, and then just when you thought the happiness going around that room couldn't get any happier, everyone was given a free hypercolor t-shirt to dance around in. Oh, and there were also robots at the dance/gummy-bear-sleeping-together party. That is what this song feels like to me. If it doesn't do this to you, you are stupid. And or we simply have different taste. It's an either/or.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dance around in a hypercolor t-shirt with my robot, who is presumably named Leroy. Because that's what i'd name my robot if I had one. That or Bamotron.


Click on me to dance with robots and sing on rainbows!

Song Of The Day (with rant included! yay!)

So lately i've been ashamed of myself. A week ago, it was "gimme more", which I justified by stating that T.I.'s flow was effing phenomenal on it (notice how I say "flow" to justify my menlo park street cred). This week, I drunkenly downloaded "I Kissed A Girl" the other night, thinking to myself, "yeah...I know the song is pretty terrible, but is it? I mean the beat is downright disgustingly good." Which begs the question: can a self-proclaimed music nerd also be really into crap pop? Is that okay? Honestly? I think music nerds are a sad breed. We love music so much, it's truly earnest...but then often just hate on music because other people like it or because almost EVERYONE ON THE PLANET enjoys it. We refer to bands by half names or only first names (example: "yeah I saw Dave last night at shoreline. epic.") We often want to be the first to tell people about a band, for no other reason than to tell people we told them. It's like music nerds are just a really shitty middle child that no one wants to hang out with.

I started like this. Yes, I went to "dave" concerts. I totally hated the band the arctic monkeys for no apparent reason when they came out because everyone else liked them, so I decided i'd just dislike them to prove some inane point. I wanted everyone and their mother to acknowledge that they had heard music FROM ME, and not that douche bag who everyone effing loves because he's so aloof and attractive (slow down...breath...). And then I just realized I liked music. And I just really wanted other people to like music. And honestly? I don't care if you listen to Raffi in the corner all day. Just listen to music. Please. For the love of God...just listen to music.

So yeah, I like "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry. And I fucking rock out to the "gimme more" remix that T.I. flows his face off on. And I listen to them and want to high five people because my headphones are causing audio rainbows in my ears. So I think music nerds just need to lighten up and stop being such dicks. We got it. You are sad, misunderstood, and your knack for finding "art" is better than others. You are also depressing as shit, so maybe...stop that? Yes, your music is good. Other people also like music, so let them listen to it, even if you hate it.

On that note, here's a new song from a big time blog-boy "it" band that everyone and their hipster mother is going to start drooling over. And I found them a year ago. Before you did. And I liked it more than you did or ever could, because i'm the best. So there. Enjoy.


Song Of The Day

So about every two weeks or so, I will annoy anyone who will listen to me and tell them that i've found, "THE BEST song i've heard in a really long time." What this indicates is simply that I heard a song and liked it. But since I have no understanding of how to properly use adjectives, I just say everything is the best. And then completely contradict that later. It's fun, you should try it. It makes people lose faith in whether or not you are accurately "reviewing" any song, movie, or life event for that matter. Example: Friend: "How was batman?"

Drew: "It was the best movie of all time. There will never be a movie as good as it. I actually don't think other movies are good at all anymore, because batman was the best movie of all time."

I will also tell you that Gattaca is the best movie of all time, because it is. This song I just found the other day is also the best song I've heard in a long time. I'll let you know the best song I've heard in a long time again tomorrow. Thanks.


Song Of The Day

Ahhh british people. You are so silly with your wonky accents and your cheeky, jubilant indie pop music. See what I just did there? I used slang to portray just HOW crazy those brits are and just how much I love them! I digress... You will either really love this song or turn it off within 3 seconds and want to punch me in the digital face because it was too loud when he started belting the lyrics in the beginning. I have no idea why I like British music so much more than American music. As stated earlier, I also think Canadians rock harder and have more fun than Americans as well. And oddly, most of the American music I love these days usually sounds British. I'm sure this is all extremely fascinating to you. Have I also mentioned how much I love doing laundry? Maybe that will interest you as well.

For what it's worth, I kinda liked this song the first time I heard it, took maybe 2 months off from it without caring at all, and then turned it on a week ago and started whipping out my fake british accent to sing along feverishly, day in and day out awkwardly in the car with the windows down until I pull up to people and turn it down awkwardly like Michael Bolton from office space. That was a run-on, if you were wondering. Because I love run-ons, and fragments, too. Baseball. (see? HA!)

Enjoy. It took me way too long to figure out he was saying "our bovine public"...even though the song is named "our bovine public". I disappoint myself sometimes. And why is the word disappoint so difficult to spell?


Song Of The Day (and i'm sorry to my 2 readers)

First and foremost: Dear Scott Ladue, I'm sorry I started blogging, got really into it, and then quit on myself. Rudy Ruettiger would never do that. I feel like I let you Maybe I should just change my blog name to "Drew talks to Scott Ladue". But hey, we're winners here, because this little guy is gonna try his hardest to put on his funny/irony pants every morning. Moving On.

So Conor Oberst has dated hot chicks and been depressed his whole life. Which is confusing. Because you'd think if all you did was date really attractive women* (ahemJENNYLEWISOFRILOKILEYahem) or even just made out with them like once? You'd think you'd be like a rapper talking shit over your emo indie guitar music. Right? Eh? Eh? Well anyways, when he was "Bright Eyes", I don't think he made a single happy song (minus Cassadega which made me want to move to the south and raise chickens). But for some reason, us music lovers always just WANT to like him. Even if you don't, you do NOT say that. It's music snob blasphemy.

I'm not really sure this song is in anyway happy, but he sounds different lately. And his new self-titled album is quite insanely good. He did one of those "artist" like things and moved into some hut in rural mexico for a few months and recorded the whole thing. While I find that silly and rather pretentious, I just go to work everyday and do nothing. So it looks like he's winning the battle in "actually doing something in life". But I still make out with a hot chick, so we're even on that front. TOUCHE, Conor. Touche...


*I have no idea if he really makes out with hot chicks. I heard he did back in the day, so i'm just saying that like it's absolute fact to make this posting more interesting. He hooked up with wynona ryder, but I don't think she counts anymore and/or possibly ever did. And I have zero clue if he ever hooked up with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. I just know he records with her a lot, so I assume that if you do that kind of stuff you probably also hook up all the time for no apparent reason. Just the facts on Rocket Shoes guys. Just the facts.

Song Of The Day

Dear Death Cab For Cutie, Hey, It's Drew. I know! I love you guys too! umm...I downloaded your album a while back before it came out. Yeah I know, I was like, "man, death cab has a new album out? god, I LOVE those guys! I mean, so much that I have a nickname for them like we are besties and go to the movies together and laugh about how funny batman's "bat" voice is! I should download it and then buy it when the official version comes out!" So anyways...I downloaded it, JUST to preview it and all that. I was kind of thinking, "man this is a downer album. when did they start taking valium every nine seconds?" But I guess you DIDN'T take valium every nine seconds, and instead I downloaded a fake version of your album that was actually by a band from Germany that sounds like you. Yeah, Velveteen! How'd you know? Oh you hate them? Yeah, me too. But only now that the album isn't yours. Because I kind of still enjoyed the album before I knew that. Which I think makes me a loser.

Anyways, you don't make bad songs. Ever. This song is like musical crack to me right now. What a silly name, too! You guys must do funny stuff up in Washington now that you are bazilliontrillionaires, like buy really hip espresso makers and really nice umbrellas made by cool companies I've never heard of. Okay, well, talk to you later! I'll be here pretending like I knew that album wasn't yours.


Drew/I'm Dumb


Song Of The Day

When a singer has an accent, you feel inherently cooler for knowing them or hearing them. "You haven't heard this band?" If you say this at a party, everyone probably just assumes you are a douchebag and you read about them on pitchfork or some crap like that. It's cool though, because I'm sure your skinny jeans and greasy hair also tell people, "hey, I hate everything so much that I hate dressing nice. see, these pants don't even fit. that's because I don't care if they fit or not. I actually hope they hurt my crotch so I can talk about how much they hurt my crotch but also how much I don't care that they hurt my crotch" But if you say, "Hey have you heard this random scottish band?" you STILL may come off as a douche... but now you've given yourself that 0.08% chance of sounding like you would like other people to hear the band WITH you, and you aren't just cooler for having heard them. Throwing the word 'random' in insinuates, "hey, who knows how I heard this band, but it was probably luck." This lets the friend who you are pretentiously speaking about music with realize that you are both equal fans, and no one here is a douche who is better at listening to music than other people. And after saying all of haven't heard this band? Their name is Frightened Rabbit, and they are scottish. Really good, and they whine a lot. Which i'm a HUGE fan of in music AND in life. Enjoy. I'm better than you.


Song Of The Day

You know the song "Ventura Highway" by the band America? Apparently Fleet Foxes listened to it. A lot. Because that's basically all this band sounds like on every one of their songs. And I have zero problem with that. It's kind of like when you watch the movie dazed and confused and just REALLY wish that you could be randall 'pink' floyd...I think that's what happened to this band when they listened to the band America. But then they actually made that band that only played songs that sounded like the band America, whereas I did not actually start trying to be randall 'pink' floyd. It looks like they are doing better than me right now at life though. So bravo, Fleet Foxes. Bravo. 02-white-winter-hymnal