Song Of The Day (with rant included! yay!)

So lately i've been ashamed of myself. A week ago, it was "gimme more", which I justified by stating that T.I.'s flow was effing phenomenal on it (notice how I say "flow" to justify my menlo park street cred). This week, I drunkenly downloaded "I Kissed A Girl" the other night, thinking to myself, "yeah...I know the song is pretty terrible, but is it? I mean the beat is downright disgustingly good." Which begs the question: can a self-proclaimed music nerd also be really into crap pop? Is that okay? Honestly? I think music nerds are a sad breed. We love music so much, it's truly earnest...but then often just hate on music because other people like it or because almost EVERYONE ON THE PLANET enjoys it. We refer to bands by half names or only first names (example: "yeah I saw Dave last night at shoreline. epic.") We often want to be the first to tell people about a band, for no other reason than to tell people we told them. It's like music nerds are just a really shitty middle child that no one wants to hang out with.

I started like this. Yes, I went to "dave" concerts. I totally hated the band the arctic monkeys for no apparent reason when they came out because everyone else liked them, so I decided i'd just dislike them to prove some inane point. I wanted everyone and their mother to acknowledge that they had heard music FROM ME, and not that douche bag who everyone effing loves because he's so aloof and attractive (slow down...breath...). And then I just realized I liked music. And I just really wanted other people to like music. And honestly? I don't care if you listen to Raffi in the corner all day. Just listen to music. Please. For the love of God...just listen to music.

So yeah, I like "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry. And I fucking rock out to the "gimme more" remix that T.I. flows his face off on. And I listen to them and want to high five people because my headphones are causing audio rainbows in my ears. So I think music nerds just need to lighten up and stop being such dicks. We got it. You are sad, misunderstood, and your knack for finding "art" is better than others. You are also depressing as shit, so maybe...stop that? Yes, your music is good. Other people also like music, so let them listen to it, even if you hate it.

On that note, here's a new song from a big time blog-boy "it" band that everyone and their hipster mother is going to start drooling over. And I found them a year ago. Before you did. And I liked it more than you did or ever could, because i'm the best. So there. Enjoy.


Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.