Song Of The Day (that is soul-shit-kickingly good)

TV On The Radio is very good at making music. They could wear a fucking table cloth and look cool. You hear their band's name, and they are already insta-awesome because they are clearly way more clever than you are or ever will be. Furthermore, they just never suck. I don't think I can find a way to jock them anymore than this at this point, as I have such a man crush on this band it's gross. Like, I could make puffy paint posters and go to their concerts. Every other music snob blog feels this same way, and uses way more important grammar in describing why you should listen to AND LIKE (or they will punch you in the babymaker) the band. So I don't feel original about this sentiment at all today. But seriously, go click on the album cover at the bottom of this post and listen to the new single they just posted from their new album that needs to come out yesterday.

It's like if gummy bears slept together and unicorns were dancing around the whole time, and then just when you thought the happiness going around that room couldn't get any happier, everyone was given a free hypercolor t-shirt to dance around in. Oh, and there were also robots at the dance/gummy-bear-sleeping-together party. That is what this song feels like to me. If it doesn't do this to you, you are stupid. And or we simply have different taste. It's an either/or.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dance around in a hypercolor t-shirt with my robot, who is presumably named Leroy. Because that's what i'd name my robot if I had one. That or Bamotron.


Click on me to dance with robots and sing on rainbows!

Drew Hoolhorst

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