Song Of The Day (and i'm sorry to my 2 readers)

First and foremost: Dear Scott Ladue, I'm sorry I started blogging, got really into it, and then quit on myself. Rudy Ruettiger would never do that. I feel like I let you Maybe I should just change my blog name to "Drew talks to Scott Ladue". But hey, we're winners here, because this little guy is gonna try his hardest to put on his funny/irony pants every morning. Moving On.

So Conor Oberst has dated hot chicks and been depressed his whole life. Which is confusing. Because you'd think if all you did was date really attractive women* (ahemJENNYLEWISOFRILOKILEYahem) or even just made out with them like once? You'd think you'd be like a rapper talking shit over your emo indie guitar music. Right? Eh? Eh? Well anyways, when he was "Bright Eyes", I don't think he made a single happy song (minus Cassadega which made me want to move to the south and raise chickens). But for some reason, us music lovers always just WANT to like him. Even if you don't, you do NOT say that. It's music snob blasphemy.

I'm not really sure this song is in anyway happy, but he sounds different lately. And his new self-titled album is quite insanely good. He did one of those "artist" like things and moved into some hut in rural mexico for a few months and recorded the whole thing. While I find that silly and rather pretentious, I just go to work everyday and do nothing. So it looks like he's winning the battle in "actually doing something in life". But I still make out with a hot chick, so we're even on that front. TOUCHE, Conor. Touche...


*I have no idea if he really makes out with hot chicks. I heard he did back in the day, so i'm just saying that like it's absolute fact to make this posting more interesting. He hooked up with wynona ryder, but I don't think she counts anymore and/or possibly ever did. And I have zero clue if he ever hooked up with Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. I just know he records with her a lot, so I assume that if you do that kind of stuff you probably also hook up all the time for no apparent reason. Just the facts on Rocket Shoes guys. Just the facts.

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