Song Of The Day

Today, Golden Gate Park opens its lovely doors to each and every one of our hearts for hours and hours of Bay to Breakers lite. The Outside Lands Festival sounds pretty effing awesome, and I'm pretty sure that within 5 hours I'm going to be drunkenly peeing in a corner somewhere (sidenote: 5 hours is a gigantic understatement, as I have the bladder of a 12 year old girl and legitimately take those "do you pee too frequently?" pharmaceutical commercials to heart, even though they are aimed at 70 year old men). Which is both exciting and scary, all at the same time, because you never know when you are accidentally going to go ahead and try and take a piss while realizing you are really not hiding at all and just staring at someone with your wiener hanging out. Hey-o! Talk about an exciting moment! The part where you then try to stop peeing (which really hurts) and then pee on your shoe and (wait for it) a bit inside your pants because you are in such an adrenalin-infused hurry (JUST enough to make it look awkward) is priceless. Awkward, hilariously fun night, here I come! Let's hope I don't sleep with bums in the park. The headliners tonight are Beck and Radiohead. Wow, does the night come with valium and ativan? While i'm extremely excited about both bands, I just don't see them blowing me away with hapiness and dance moves. Well, Beck will no doubt make you robot-boogie, but Radiohead? There is a reason everyone does drugs and listens to that band. Because of this, the song of the day (and presumably the weekend, as I've assessed that nobody really goes on the interwebs on the weekend, and the couple of you who read this definitely don't) is going to be danceable and catchy as shit.

So I am easily persuaded by people who dress cool and have money. And Pharrell of the Neptunes (also known as "the tits") went off a while back about how much he loved this band, Chester French. So you look around forever, and of course they are so "hip" and "underground" and they are such a "band to watch" that you can't find a damn cut of their songs anywhere. And then randomly, it appears on some iTunes store nike running, what? Anyways, i'm not gonna argue with them, I'm just happy I found it. Pharrell is attractive, so I will believe anything he says.

Saying I like this band is like showing up to the party five years late with a Zima. I'm kinda late on this one in the "music snobbery" department, but this song is pretty damn infectious and I'm, like, SO totes excited for them to bring out a full, VAMPIRE weekend excited! Tee Hee!

I just threw up on myself. Enjoy the track, enjoy the weekend, I miss you all already. If you are reading my blog? I kind of love you. Seriously, it's been fun thus far. Don't stop believin' and tell me if I suck...and I'll tell you right now i'm open to constructive criticism, but really I'll just cry. Thanks!


Drew Hoolhorst

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