Song Of The Day

So I'm not funny today. I was sitting with Richard in the kitchen discussing what it's like when you just don't have any "funny" in you, and it's like accidentally just becoming a one-upper because there is just statement after statement made with no punch line. So the part where you are supposed to say something ironic or humorous or self-depricating at the end of a statement to get a laugh? Doesn't happen. And in turn, everyone just sits there and stares at you like, "Wait That's it? You're just a dick today?" It's a bummer. I know what you are thinking. "Drew. You are the funniest person alive. I wake up every day only hoping I'll get to hear how funny you are. And we all have our off days. Take a breather. Sit this one out. Stare at things seriously. Make heavy breathing noises and just randomly exhale loud to hammer home that you feel a bit 'off' today. That's what people do to seek attention." Thanks guys! I'll give it a test drive today.

Luckily, Bloc Party brought out their new album today in a super-secret digital way, even though the physical disc doesn't drop until October. Crafty brits. The best part? Bloc Party is always WAY too serious and never even try to be funny. However, they are also delicious. And this song kind of doesn't sound like them at all from before, and I love when a band does that and actually pulls it off: you can tell they are earnestly trying. So i'm going to hang out with them today. It's just depressing relationship song after depressing relationship song. I don't even know where this guy finds time to break up with this many people. It's like he meets someone, hangs out for a day, and then just hates them so he can write another song. I mean, what's he going to do when he actually likes someone? Does the band just stop?

What's that? Stop talking, Drew? Okay. Sorry.


Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.