Song Of The Day

When a singer has an accent, you feel inherently cooler for knowing them or hearing them. "You haven't heard this band?" If you say this at a party, everyone probably just assumes you are a douchebag and you read about them on pitchfork or some crap like that. It's cool though, because I'm sure your skinny jeans and greasy hair also tell people, "hey, I hate everything so much that I hate dressing nice. see, these pants don't even fit. that's because I don't care if they fit or not. I actually hope they hurt my crotch so I can talk about how much they hurt my crotch but also how much I don't care that they hurt my crotch" But if you say, "Hey have you heard this random scottish band?" you STILL may come off as a douche... but now you've given yourself that 0.08% chance of sounding like you would like other people to hear the band WITH you, and you aren't just cooler for having heard them. Throwing the word 'random' in insinuates, "hey, who knows how I heard this band, but it was probably luck." This lets the friend who you are pretentiously speaking about music with realize that you are both equal fans, and no one here is a douche who is better at listening to music than other people. And after saying all of haven't heard this band? Their name is Frightened Rabbit, and they are scottish. Really good, and they whine a lot. Which i'm a HUGE fan of in music AND in life. Enjoy. I'm better than you.


Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.