Song Of The Day

So I hate mashups. Like, really hate mashups the same way I hate cilantro. But Girl Talk is my one guilty pleasure...the guy is pretty perfect. And the best part is, he is impossible to find anywhere, because every time you google him or anything, you just get obscure bands also named Girl Talk that are either swedish or sound like SWV and only made music in the early 90's. So you spend hours confused looking for him, strangely wondering if you are actually just really lame and like some weird swedish band. Anyways. If you like this song, go download the album at this "whoa this guy is so underground, i'm so cool for finding this"'s one of those "how much do you want to pay" albums, so if you are a dick, spend one cent. Or if you are nice yet still kind of cheap, spend a couple of bucks. The only other person who mashes my face off is the one and only Richard Krolewicz. He is Mekanism's resident t-shirt hero and he moonlights as a DJ these days. Go listen to his biznass, and/or just laugh at everything he says and writes because he is probably the funniest person on the planet and you will wish you were his best friend.

Girl Talk - Set It Off

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.