Small Little Rockets and Mixtape 8

So in an effort to post more often, I think I'm just going to post shit I think is funny in between rants. This will in no way prove effective, and I will inevitably stop writing after 14 days or so. (What's that? Why not say two weeks? Because it's obnoxious and caused you to ask that question in your head) So here is a funny picture, and a lovely new mixtape (Buck up Austin, if you don't want to fall in love with me, don't listen. Just top gun high five and 6pm boner your day away...that's a joke for anyone who's ever been to Cirios. You know, like Kevin and I)

Mixtape #8: Plaid Is The New Awesome (songs to listen to whilst wearing the 90's finest)

Get it? It says shoes! JUST LIKE MY BLOG!

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.