Shameless Promotion! I'm Immature!

So if you have a URL called "" gotta believe you like yourself a little bit. And I loves me a lot. I'll make this one short. A lovely company by the name of Tokbox let me write the funny haha's for them, and I seriously thank them for it. The videos we made (I wrote/concepted, the actual talented people drew them..GET IT?? my NAME is drew! GOD I crack myself up!) were posted today, and I'd love it if you'd view them, comment on them. Click on them. Stare at them and do nothing. Laugh and tell no one. High five the computer monitor. I'll buy you a beer sometime. Or like four if you are really attractive and would consider making out with me.

If someone told me when I was waiting tables and serving people neon green martinis (fact: those were not organic, i'm pretty sure) while wearing an all black ninja restaurant costume that someday i'd be the proud owner of a "creative directing" gig, well, i'd laugh and go pour another appletini. I win, world...I win.

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.