Music Is My Girlfriend (and she's ridiculously good looking)

So ever since the end of my college days, I've had an odd nerd ritual: I organize my life in playlists. I did this in college as well, but afterwords it got aggressive (this is probably due to the "holy shit, um, what do I do now" thing that happens when you leave college). I look at it this way: Anything that has occured in my life I can chronologically recall by what music I was listening to at the time. It works perfectly. Examples:

The Strokes "Is This It?"... That was totally when I wasn't doing anything with my life and we were in Mexico, and there was that night where I was at a club, dusting off my white vans on the dancefloor to the song "walk it out"...which didn't look ridiculous at all...which has thus inspired Lesley to call me anytime she's anywhere and the song "walk it out" is on. Because no one can get over how ridiculous I looked whiteboy dancing up a club in Mexico. That trip was when my friend implored me to listen to The Strokes more, even though everyone jocked them way too much and this in turn made assholes like me act all high and mighty and not listen to them. Wait, this is how I remember when I was listening to the Strokes a lot?

Nada Surf "Let Go"... meeting up with a girlfriend in New Zealand after she'd been abroad for six months, and had the whole, "I'm just not sure we should be...what's the word..OH that's it, DATING!" internal dilemma. So of course it was the best idea to fly to New Zealand for a month of travelling with her. We rented a camper and had banked on it having a tape player we could play my iPod through. Which it did not. So we had the three CD's she owned to listen to for the entirety of the trip. AWESOME. One of them was Nada Surf, whom I knew nothing about other than the fact that their "Popular" song was kind of good that one time in middle school. I will never forget the first time I turned that record on it is now one of my top five favorite albums of all time. I can't turn this album on without feeling like i'm in a camper van in New Zealand. And honestly laughing my ass off at how awkward that trip should have been, and ironically just wasn't. Because of Nada Surf, we didn't have a bad moment. I truly believe this.

Point being, music for me is like the dewey decimal system. I just go to the records, look up a song and know where I was in life accordingly. And when college ended, I couldn't think of a name for a playlist the first morning I woke up and had no class to go to and no job to attend. So on a whim, I titled it what would now go down in Drew Hoolhorst history..."Life Part 1"

Every time I feel a life shift, I change to a new "Life Part (fill in the blank)". There is zero science to this at all, and it usually involves a breakup/meeting a new girl/being happy/NOT being happy. But I'm always overly excited when it happens, because it's like a do-over button and then I can hopefully kind of start life over again with a new set of music. Oddly enough, it legitimately effects my entire life when I make a new one. More importantly, I label every "Life Part" playlist with a short synopsis of what is happening. Examples:

LIFE Part 9 (Wait, when does the bad unemployment man stop?? Fall 2006)
LIFE Part 13 (The Comeback! March 2007 And Beyond)
LIFE Part 25 (When Life Gives You Lemons, You Drink Alcohol...Winter 2008/9)

Last week, Life Part 26 began (I don't plan on ever letting this playlist tradition go for the rest of my life. I'm serious like an STD). And it's been fantastic so far. I mean, the Beatles? The BEATLES? How did I NOT get on board with the white album earlier? I feel like an awesome hippie. And anytime you can have them on the same playlist as a band named "Starfucker", followed by Mos Def, it's just impressive whatever the hell is happening in your life. I have high hopes for Life Part 26 in general, and if the music flowing into my life like the beautiful swans of capistrano is indicitive of Life Part 26's claps.

So enjoy a few lovely cuts of Drew Hoolhorst Life Part 26.

Aptly Titled, "I write for a living now, kinda sorta. Top Gun High Five!"

(Don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm writing for this blog for a living. It turns out you need more than 20-30 readers to make money. But I love all of you, even if one of you is my mom and that kinda doesn't count)

Drew Hoolhorst

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