Like A Hypercolor T-Shirt

I have had an infatuation with the hypercolor t-shirt since the day it was invented. Because, well, there are about a million reasons to like this modern marvel.

  • It is from the future. Anything from the future is good. Just ask the movie "The Net" with Sandra Bullock. It could have used some stuff from there.
  • It made girls boobs change to different colors. So theoretically, you could say "hot breasts" and not get arrested. Well, actually, no, that's still sexual harassment. But at least it was well intended (it always always is...).
  • It SHOULD make people who awkwardly sweat excessively more awkward. However, it gave them a reason to be talked about, instead, for having a rad t-shirt that changes colors when you are awkward. Total curveball.
  • It was the only t-shirt to tell you what it was, straight up. It never had unique designs. It just said "hypercolor". It'd be like wearing pants that said in snazzy letters "pants". See? Your pants just got 100 gold stars cooler.
  • They were made in what seemed to be ONLY colors that didn't look that great on people, like purple or teal. By "people" I mean "me".
  • They were seemingly only made in XXXL. So everyone looked like they were planning on gaining 432 pounds at all times. It was the total reverse of any fashion trend. It was like thugging out before it was cool, or it was known that white people should not, at any time, do this.

Point being, it was an amazing trend. They have brought it back via american "it's okay to wear this shirt even though it's a company fronted by a child pornographer" apparel, but they are now only brought out in "I work out 40 times a day" and "I don't eat" sizes. Which is, for people like me, what we like to call a "letdown". I was given one as a gift recently (I still appreciate it KJ), but I can't bring myself to wear it too much because I haven't dropped all of my bodyweight yet. I still acknowledge, though, that it may very well be the greatest future device ever made. Until they make the hoverboard. I cannot stress the hoverboard enough.

So because a mix to me isn't a good mix unless it has an aggressively non-sequiter name, the hypercolor seemed like a good mascot.

Rocket Shoes Mixtape 12: Like A Hypercolor T-Shirt (Because You'll Want To Put Your Hands All Over It And See What Happens)

Download the whole shebang here.

Because some songs aren't meant to be left behind, I have once again thrown Here We Go Magic's (best band name in a while) Tunnelvision on here. I dare you to try to listen to it without randomly chanting in tongues like they do at the midpoint. Seriously, you will look crazy on the street or on the bus. But let's be real: most of us live in San Francisco. Being crazy is like eating food here: even homeless people have to do it sometimes.

Rocket Shoes Mixtape 12: Like A Hypercolor T-Shirt

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