Lollapa(no I'm serious, I'll stop after this)looza 2009

So after this I'll post about more important things. Like some really important topics I've been thinking about.

  • The importance of raising your dog Jewish
  • Why True Blood is okay to watch because it has boobs and vampires
  • The importance of folding socks outwards so when you unfold them they are ready to wear
  • My fear of balding before I have a really hot girlfriend who likes guys who can build computers AND sing the theme song to Duck Tales (oh Duck Tales, don't you worry, I see how clever your title is now that I'm older...because they are tales of things WITH tails...)

On that note, this is my collection of songs that made me consider being drunk all the time at music festivals. If this is a job, someone please let me know where I send my cover letter, talking about synergy and how I'm a self-starter.

Lollapalooza 2009: Wait, HOW many dumplings do I get for $5??

You. Me. Jumping.

Yeah. that's a picture of me jumping. Why? Why not, I ask you...

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.