I'm A Real Boy. Kinda.

So the sandbox boys of mekanism are sponsoring an event tonight (and by "we're sponsoring" I mean mekanism is paying and we are taking all the credit) and we are handing out fun little marketing materials. Ryan made the pretty photoshop pictures...but I finally got to write me some copy. I know. Four whole sentences! But hey, it's a start. I'm kinda stoked to see them, and I want you to digitally high five me. In other news, a man walked up to me at the bus stop today and held up his hand for a high five. Without hesitation (because strangely you just can't hesitate when someone wants to high five), I gave him the high five right then and there. Right afterwards, he yells at me, "YES WE CAN!" I officially feel like wanting Obama to be president is like becoming the fan of a freakish NFL team or something. And I kind of love it. I feel like I need a jersey and a miller lite in a beer cozie. What do you mean that's called alcoholism? Loser. So hey, scary Obama supporter, as I see these postcards in front of my eyes...YES WE CAN!

Have a good weekend. I will miss you all and cry every day.

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.