If I Were Courting Someone, They'd Date The Bejesus Out Of Me After This Mix

I'm wondering if someday my game will be entirely ruined by the fact that the only thing I know how to do is meet girls, give them mixtapes, and then lunge at them awkwardly at inopportune times to makeout. It's working so far, in terms of 2-6 month relationships followed by me being overly sensitive and having a breakdown. I kid, I kid....or do I.... I'm working on other go-to moves. Like, you know, dating them without being the girl in the relationship. Eating salads. Playing sports, thus giving off the image that I'm manly. Etc. To my credit, I totally WATCH sports (which girls hate) and love to talk too much (which, well...actually girls are usually okay with that one, until I talk more than them).

Without further awkward anticipation... Rocket Shoes Mixtape 9.

If I Were Courting Someone, They'd Date The Bejesus Out Of Me After This Mix

(you can download it here, so long as you follow the "oh no, I'm totally gonna go buy this shit also, I just wanted to download it illegally to check it out and then spend more money later" rule. Any band that tells me to take this link down, I will. But that's presupposing people read the blog who aren't my mom, friend, or now people from the mission who hate me. HA! I WIN, UNIVERSE!)

This mix should make you dance like this

And I have added this picture of me as a retarded dog walker who did not know he had lost his dog but no one would tell him (real halloween costume), dancing while drinking sparks. I hope the mix inspires you to do the same.

Drew Hoolhorst

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