I Have Never Closed My Eyes. Ever.

I was informed today by someone with a medical degree that I have not been able to close my eyes my entire life. I'll wait while you digest that.

No, seriously: A doctor told me that I am incapable, and have been my ENTIRE LIFE, of closing my eyes. (!!!)

This was the actual conversation.

Drew: "My eyes just feel really tired. And dry. Pretty much always. So there's that."

(Doctor inspects eyes.)

Doctor: "Well. You can't fully close your eyes it appears."

Drew: "…"

Doctor: "Yes. You have a slight opening between your eyelid and your eye. Has anyone ever told you while you were sleeping that your eye is sort of open?"

Drew: "Wouldn't it be more strange/creepy…take your pick, really...that they were just staring at me in my sleep?"

Doctor: "Well, you can't close your eyes fully. So you're eyes are just permanently dry. We'll have to get you some eye drops and.."

Drew: "Can we go back to the part where I've never closed my eyes my entire life?"

Doctor: "Sure."

Drew: "Could we fix that?"

Doctor: "No. I mean, technically you've always had one eye open!"

(Doctor laughs at her own joke.)

(Drew does not laugh at doctor's joke.)

I'm clearly presented with two options: be wildly depressed that I'm always going to be sort of tired looking, or simply embrace the fact that oh my god there are so many funny jokes that could come out of this.

I'll obviously choose a healthy dose of both. But the latter is way more fun.

Here are some things that I now know about my life, and/or things that you could laugh about due to the fact that I have theoretically never actually closed my eyes.

I have technically been cheating at hide-n-go-seek my entire life. So, sorry if I ever was "it" and found you really quickly. Apparently I was looking.

I have never lost a staring contest. Ever.

I'm apparently better at not getting shampoo in my eyes than you are. Because we weren't on an even playing field. On that note…

It totally makes sense why I ALWAYS get suntan lotion in my eyes. This has been a running joke with my friends ever since we were little. We figured I was just the worst at applying suntan lotion, ever. And that may still very well be the case. But still. This makes so much more sense now.

I have never kissed a girl with my eyes closed. So technically, I could be that "creepy guy who always kept his eyes open" to some girl. Sorry, some girl. I was trying.

I could be in a few films and they'd be sort of amazing. 

FILM 1: Don't Blink - The story of a man whom, after scientific testing by the government gone horribly awry, could no longer keep his eyes closed. Though a tortured soul, I'd become a huge asset to the government, as I would be an ideal sniper and/or guy who stays up on watch all night. Sample dialogue:

Bad Guy: "Blink and you might miss it."

Drew: "Don't worry. (GUN COCKING NOISE). I won't."

FILM 2: Cries WIthout Tears - The story of a man born into a Native American tribe who is originally cast aside…but then brought in as one of their own when they realize he can't close his eyes and they realize his gift for "seeing everything" they cannot, both metaphorically and literally, of course.

I can't wink. At least now I have a bad/good excuse.

I have a really good excuse for having red eyes if anyone ever says I look high. I can just tell them that my eyes are open ALL THE TIME and i'm NOT LYING. Like, what?

And finally…It's always going to make me laugh now when Aladdin says "Don't you dare close your eyes!" during the song A Whole New World.

Because I can't, Aladdin.

I can't.

Rocket Shoes Mixtape 54: Songs That Are Great, Even If You Can't Close Your Eyes. Ever.

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