I Can't Formulate A Singular Thought

So for starters, I'd like to address something I have a problem with. Why do people in movies (I assume in real life as well, since everything in the movies is real) who carry guns put the gun away in the front or back of their pants with the barrel facing towards their private parts? Or their foot? This seems like a HORRIBLE and terrifying idea. Everytime I see someone do this in a movie, I feel like an insane old lady screaming at the screen. NO WILL! YOU ARE GOING TO BLOW YOUR BITS AND PIECES OFF! But honestly, get a holster. It's just not safe. And it seems like a large price to pay so you can just have a hand free. I digress. So here's something I've realized since I've begun writing this cute little pile of rocket shoes: it's hard to keep up. I mean, don't get me wrong... I'm the funniest person I know and everything I think up is pure genius gold. However, I guess I just never gave all the people who do this so mercilessly as a job enough credit. I love to write. I love to say all the random crap that comes into my head. But sometimes? Thoughts just don't equal big old diatribes or essays. You can force it, sure. But then it sounds dumb and it's not...um, interesting. As i'm sure this post isn't for the most part. But that's the fun of a blog! It's fulfilling for ME all the time and for you only some of the time! I WIN!

I'd love to write about how much I hate the fact that "Disaster Movie" came out, or that anything with the name "movie" in it comes out at all (excluding "not another teen movie", which I hate to admit was funny). I'd love to write about the downfall of Dane Cook and how he became the bag of douche he so loathed. I'd love to even discuss my man crush for Ryan Reynolds and how I wonder if he's overtaking my man crush on John Mayer (yeah, I just admitted it, on both accounts). Point being...I guess you just gotta wait until you have something to say. Which I have zero idea how to do. Whoops. So um, scratch all that up there and prepare for every one of those posts I just mentioned. Or something about how Sarah Palin may very well be a robot. But like a terminator robot, not a fun robot. The kind that has laser eyes and wants to kill people with arms that turn into evil guns. That or she's just a bad person.

Bottom line is that Rocket Shoes is a work in progress. It's kind of like a new girlfriend to me that I just REALLY want to impress, so I try way too hard. I don't understand that hey, it likes me, it's gonna hang out as long as I'm a good guy. So hey, if you people are around to catch my ramblings? I'll be a happy little guy.

Song of the day is short and sweet. Mobius Band is way too good for no one to have heard of them. What is that all about? They blend the electronic disco dancing beats with the melancholy emo-guy sad sap lyrics...so it's strange, but a lot of his sadness just ends up sounding really happy. To sum it up: I listened to these guys a lot when I was a gold miner. Yes. Seriously. More on that later. Enjoy the indie-tasticness.


Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.