Hey, Thanks.

So my next post was going to be about how I think people who own pet iguana's are also probably serial killers, and that I think it's an awfully large leap to say, "I'm gonna buy a dog NO WAIT, A PET IGUANA"...but after the last "whoa, that really just happened?" post, I've decided just to say thanks before I go back to writing about "is he really still talking?" stuff. Hi. I'm Drew.

This past week has been pretty ridiculous. I mean that in the sense that...well, I write a blog. Which is a nice way of saying an "online diary" or a place where you can vomit words and people can pat your head while you pretend you're a serious writer and/or journalist. And when you write something that's supposed to just be a nice little "boy is San Francisco neat" rant and then you get calls from people you haven't spoken to since "ever"...well, it's overwhelmingly wonderful.

12,000 people shared that thing on Facebook. Not like I'm counting (neurotically checks again and scribbles doodles and hearts in journal). That's insane. Insane isn't a good enough word. That's dumbfounding and humbling.

Here's the only way I can describe how lovely the whole thing has been. You know that scene in teen movies where the dork finally makes it and goes out onto the dance floor and busts out crazy dance moves he's not capable of? And then, as though everyone has been hanging with Cheryl Burke (I went to high school with her. Name Drop. She doesn't know me. I'm awesome.), everyone knows the dance moves he's doing and lines up behind him like a music video? That's how it felt. This past week, I felt like Ronald Miller. And I can't tell you how sadly awesome that is on so many levels, the first being that I just compared my last week to the film Can't Buy Me Love. Which is an amazing film and you should rent it if you haven't seen it. By amazing I mean it'll blow your mind that not only was Patrick Dempsey in it but so was Seth Green. These are the things I actually don't have to hit up IMDB for.

Where was I.

I can't say how wonderful it is that so many people liked a random thing I wrote down. All the notes, all the "I agree"s, all of it. I guess they say everyone gets one very incredibly great moment in their life every now and again, and I'm pretty sure I just had it. Also: no one says that statement at all. I make things up a lot.

But hey: thanks. Thanks so much for liking San Francisco a lot as well. And thanks for liking the Giants as much as I do right now. And honestly, if no one reads a single thing I write about the fact that I like dinosaurs or that I'm neurotic and think I'm dying from carpal tunnel syndrome from here on out...that's just fine. Because seriously, it was just so flattering to see so many people so excited. And all because you said, "Go Giants."

So go Giants. And San Francisco is the goddamn bee's knees. Thanks again for giving me a Ronald Miller moment. If you ever want to hear someone talk about nothing, I'll be around. I like you all very much.

Life's good.

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.