Hall and Totes

So we all know the great cover bands out there (I say great loosely, as a cover band is either phenomenal...or an utter disaster). ACDShe, El Vez (oh, you clever Mexican Elvis, you!), Minikiss (picture of, you guessed it, a midget kiss band, here), Mandonna (I don't want to even find that picture to link to)...and the world renowned SF 80's cover band "we should go to that show and make out with blacked out sorority girls!" Pop Rocks (sure, I make fun, but they are really good). I have an idea for the next brilliant cover band:

Hall and Totes.

All Hall and Oates, all the time. Seriously, who's coming with me? Seeing as I can roughly sing their entire songbook, you wouldn't have to do much. I'm fine with it being the other way around, too, if you want to handle the golden pipes. Theoretically, though, I need an Oates. It's a low risk/high reward situation for you. What this means is that you will grow a mustache and perm your hair. This is only necessary because I can't grow a thick mustache or much facial hair at all in any way. In return? I'm giving you a shot to take the stage with me in a band that may or may not take the world by storm. I'm assuming the latter.

Here is a gallery of prospective costumes that we can look into. We can practice on rock band first, or we can just get blackout drunk and go to any karaoke bar to see if we have chemistry. If that doesn't feel right, I'm assuming all we have to do is find a Volvo to drive around in simulating when we were growing up and our parents would probably play a radio station that prominently featured Hall and Oates  (for those of you who grew up in the bay area, I assume this would be either K101 or KFOG) If that isn't what you're into, I can always just fly solo with the brilliant costume idea below.

Let me know if your kiss should be on my list...if you can make MY dreams come true.


Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.