Give A White Man The Suburbs, And He'll Play A Lot Of Jay-Z

Hopefully a long post coming later tonight. No time right now, DOCTA JONES DOCTA JONES! (Racist? Sorry. If it was in Indiana Jones, then racism turns into "cute!", it's like modern law) Basically, I relate music to times I spend in places. I've gone over this before. So since I've been down in the suburbs for about a week living the American middle class dream housesitting at what is essentially The Pottery Barn, I thought it was time for a new mix of the considerable amounts of questionable music I appear to listen to when my roommate isn't around to judge me.

For the record, there are a few songs on here that I may or may not have had to listen to with 16 year old girls who go clubbing in Miami to substantiate the fact that yes, I was in fact lisetning to this. Okay so it's basically just one song. Maybe two of them. I'll just stop.

But yeah. I love Jay Z, and whenever I can I flow the shit out of his records alone in houses in the suburbs. Judge me. But really. Listen to him. The man makes a white guy want to flow. But then he does and nothing rhymes. And it's awkward.

Rocket Shoes Mixtape 10: Give A White Man The Suburbs, And He'll Play A Lot Of Jay-Z

You can download it here. Just don't give it to other people or the FBI hates you, yadda yadda yadda.

Me. Jumping. Because.

And yeah, that's me jumping again. Not in the suburbs. See what I did there? That makes no sense...

Drew Hoolhorst

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