Click Here If You Have Feelings. CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE FEELINGS.

So my cousin Dave is by far the most interesting human being you will ever meet. I love him to death, and he's trying to get the coolest job on the planet. He basically wants to live for six months in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. And i'm fine with this and aiding his cause, because the guy does crazy shit like live in the wilderness and track animals. No, really. Like, Bear Grylls stuff. And the thing is: he's legit. So for the purpose of getting the man the job (i'm not sure it helps too much, but please do click if you like me and have feelings and CARE ABOUT ME. Kidding! Not really though), here's his video entry for the contest. Good luck Dave. I'm not doing much for you, but consider this a digital high five. If you can, please click here to go rate him five stars on the contest website. I'll make him write your name on a grain of rice if you ever see him in Mexico. Non-sequiter? Sure. But you're intrigued...

Drew Hoolhorst

I have a black belt in feelings.