Brolores Park

It was only a matter of time before someone sent me an awesome site showcasing the wonderfulness that is Dolores Park (thank you, CC). I found this gem on the first page. In classic San Francisco fashion, it's shot REALLY well. And it's also set to Air. Because it wouldn't be a video about San Francisco unless it was scored by a band that someone heard of before you did and likes more than you.

Enjoy. The site is Brolores Park (re: brilliant). And the video? Just keep your eyes peeled for the neon sunglasses and skinny jeans.

God I love this city.

An afternoon in Dolores Park from Aaron Fagerstrom on Vimeo.

(Sidenote: if you want to throw things at me if I see you at Dolores Park...don't. I'll buy you a tallboy PBR instead. C'mon. Don't act like that two dollar offer from the heart isn't enticing)

Drew Hoolhorst

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